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taught by King Gabriel Quincy Collymore

Course description

The Freedomentals (Mental Freedom Fundementals) are a series of video content and communication that will allow You to LIVE a HEALTHY, FULFILLING and SUCCESSFUL LIFE :).
Hi I'm King Gabriel, 

                                   It's an honor and pleasure to have the opportunity to meet You .
There are many titles that accurately describe Who I am in this world, yet the ones that apply most to what We are about to undertake are Spiritual Explorer and Teacher of God.

Through a direct memory of Creation, spiritual practice and devotion I have had many wonderful and reassuring Spiritual experiences that have allowed Me to know and experience the Source of Being directly and intimately.

I have answered the call within to make that knowledge accessible to All, by presenting a simple path that allows Others to have similar experiences. 

This creates a genuine personal experience of the Source of Life, and thereby creates a True Spiritual Consciousness.  

What You'll get from this course :

- EMPOWERS YOU to succeed in Life's challenges

- Shows YOU  how TO BE CALM and remain CENTERED

- Demonstrates how TO BE less reactive to the demands of Others

- Aids You in progressing ON YOUR unique SPIRITUAL PATH

- Digs DEEP into Universal Truths that are not readily taught in homes and schools.

If You're tired of trying, and wonder why things aren't working... let's get started :)!

Best of  all You'll wake up happy in the morning.

The Freedomentals are a collection of informative videos which lead to direct experience of the Life You are intended to experience.

They're organized in a way that You can readily access.

What's included:
In this Course, You'll have access to:

5 hours of video content that will be accessible to You at all times.

One free 1.5 hour Absolute Breakthrough Session with King Gabriel.

Support for answers to Your course questions and concerns.

Are You willing to Live a fully pleasing Life?

If so, then SIGN UP and start receiving  content immediately.

The guidance You will find here has shifted many minds, created wonderful Life experiences.

 I know You will find them a most valuable tool and resource in Your life as well.

 SIGN UP and  give Your Self a REAL gift today!

King Gabriel Quincy Collymore
King Gabriel Quincy Collymore
Spiritual Teacher and Explorer

Thank You so much for being here, and being willing to make a Real change in Your Life.

I genuinely appreciate and am authentically grateful for You :).

The goal I have in Mind presently to Help Others to be SELF ACTUALIZED and SELF REALIZED.
This is totally inclusive of All Who are willing.

I am also Certified Reiki Master, Qi Gong Practitioner, Electrical Engineer (BS), Musician, Published Author, Professional Athlete, Martial Artist, and Former Athletic Coach and Trainer.

I have had the honor of sharing the stage with many of today's prominent Spiritual Leaders, Speakers, Mystics and Musicians including Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Steve Harvey, Chaka Khan and The Black Eyed Peas.

Those Who know Me and have worked with Me, have collectively described Me as Love Filled, Positive, Accepting, Cheerful and Compassionate.

The content You will find here is going to lift You up higher than may presently imagine.

I'm looking Forward to interacting with You and aiding in creating a Wonderful Life for and with You :)!

Eternal Love and Infinite Peace!

cell : 647-200-1234

Course Curriculum

ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION: What would Life be like if You were always calm and assured?
​Goodbye to Anxiety FREE PREVIEW
​Where and how can We truly have Protection ?
Freedom through understanding Purpose
Discussion: Depression and Anxiety
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FORGIVENESS AND LETTING GO: What would You be willing to give, to realize that You have and are everything?
Is Forgiveness really useful FREE PREVIEW
From Empathic to Ecstatic
True Personal Responsibility
Discussion: Forgiveness and Letting Go
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SPIRITUAL GROWTH AND UNDERSTANDING: What do You see as Your Highest potential and how can You achieve it ?
Are You really thinking? FREE PREVIEW
Why Light, and the decision to perceive Light?
Transcending the ego
The Truth about God
Balance vs. Equilibrium
Why do humans strive for SALVATION?
Becoming the god that You are
Moving from existentialism to experientialism
Eyes that do not see.....
True Personal Responsibility
Pressure vs. Stress
What are You expressing?
Knowledge vs. Belief
Freedom through understanding Purpose
Belief: Is it required or not?
Discussion: Spiritual Growth
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